Great East Japan Earthquake Information


Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Ambassador Kawamura provided an updae about the situation of reconstruction in the devastated area and expressed gratitude to Canadians for their warm words and great support in a video message as well as in the newspaper.
From Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his deep condolences to those who were affected and honoured the strength and will of the Japanese people through the reconstruction process after the disaster. He also asserted that he would like to mutually cooperate to overcome COVID-19.
Furthermore, “Furusato” (“My Homeland”) was played at the Peace Tower Carillon, as an initiative of the Parliament of Canada and 10 strikes on the Carillon bourdon followed, in honour of the 10th anniversary. The Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group (CAJP) also delivered words to reaffirm the friendship between our two countries and numerous supportive messages on thoughts of the 10th anniversary.

We have also received a warm message of sympathy from Melisa Kamibayashi-Staples, President of the Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA) who supported Japan immediately after the earthquake and from the Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association Ottawa (JETAA).

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